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1 small room on a ship or boat where people sleep
2 a small house built of wood; usually in a wooded area
3 the enclosed compartment of an aircraft or spacecraft where passengers are carried v : confine to a small space, such as a cabin

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  1. A small dwelling characteristic of the frontier, especially when built from logs with simple tools and not constructed by professional builders, but by those who meant to live in it.
    Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin.
    • 1994: “And that was how long we stayed in the cabin, pressed together, pulling the future out of each other, sweating and groaning and making sure each of us remembered.” -From Life Drawing in the collection Violet Quill, Michael Grumley
  2. A compartment on land, usually comprised of logs.
  3. A private room on a ship.
    The captain's cabin.
    Passengers shall remain in their cabins.
  4. The interior of a boat, enclosed to create a small room, particularly for sleeping.
  5. The passenger area of an airplane.



a small dwelling characteristic of the frontier
a compartment on land
a private room on a ship
the interior of a boat
the passenger area of an airplane

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Cabin may refer to:
  • Cabin (housing), small, roughly built house usually with a wood exterior and typically found in rural areas
  • Log cabin, a small house built from logs
  • Cottage, a dwelling, typically in a rural, or semi-rural location




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berth, blockhouse, box, bungalow, chalet, compartment, cot, cote, cottage, cuddy, deckhouse, house, hut, lodge, log cabin, love nest, pied-a-terre, saloon, shack, shanty, shelter cabin, snuggery, stateroom
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